Frequently asked questions...

Is this a standalone game or an expansion or???

Democracy 3:Africa is a standalone game. You do not need to own Democracy 3 to buy and run and enjoy the game. However, it does install into the same location so that the existing expansion packs for the game will also automatically be installed alongside it (if you already own them). That means that if you buy the 'extremism' expansion (for example), then it will work in both games, and ytou do not need to buy it or install it again.

The idea behind the game was to 're-implement' the existing Democracy 3 game to suit African countries, so it is similar, but tweaked in a number of ways.

How is the game different to Democracy 3?

Although at first glance the user interface will appear similar, there are a number of changes (apart from the obviously new graphics for voters and ministers and events) to the game. The voter groups are slightly different, with 'rural' 'urban' and 'women' as new groups, and the previous 'commuters' and 'farmers' are no longer present. We also have a bunch of new events and dilemmas that can take place, and some new variables have been added to the simulation to track data that is more important in African countries.

Obviously the game also has new music, and a whole bunch of carefully designed new countries to try your hand at.

Why is country X not included

Selecting the countriues for the game was no easy task. The first impulse might have been to pick the most populous countries, or the ones which had the highest num,ber of gamers, or people online. However, given the obvious technical issues and state of many Africanm economies, we are in no way aiming the game exclusively at gamers who lvie in Africa. We have chosen the countries purely on the basis of those which give the widest possible variety of gameplay challenge.

For example, Mauritius is a relatively tiny country, but representing it in the game allows us to set up a completely different challenge to the one the player will face with, for example, Nigeria or South Africa. Note that modding in enw countries is very easy and we hope that people will do so.

This game is biased/wrong/racist/bad in some way...

Yes it is. Almost certainly. We do not pretend otherwise. All attempts to represent the culture or economy of a country by people who are not native to that country will be in many ways wrong or biased. Positech is a UK-based company, so we no doubt have some prejudices and biases and big gaps in our knowledge. We have definitely done our best to research the countries involved as much as possible to make this representation as accurate as possible *within the simulation*

Remember ultimately that this is a game, and designed to be fun, and that true accuracy is impossible. Alse be aware that we are very open to criticism, and are actively interested in feedback. We have no political agenda here, and are trying to represent Africa as best we can. Please let us know where we got it wrong.