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Current Mods
(Note, all these files are user-generated and are installed at your own risk, we do not offer official support for these files. Contact us by email if you would like to add you modded content to this list

The State Union Mod
This is a major mod by Tom Hughes.This mod adds a new mission or country to your game, Scotrasia. However, it is a mission with a difference. The country you run is in the State Union, an international organisation similar to the European Union. The implication of this is that you will get events and dilemmas that are specific to your State Union membership. These events and dilemmas will only appear when playing Scotrasia.
Just unzip the following file and run the "Autoinstaller" program

Coin Mod
Adds coins for other currencies. coinpack.rar

Central America flag pack
Flags for use in central american countries (to be modded). Central America Flag Pack.rar

Cyra Mod
"The concept is that it begins as an anarchy, with minimum policies enacted, a blank canvas so to speak."

corruptionsanctions.zip - "Corruption and Sanctions"

Gov._Control_of_Industry_Mod.zip - "Government Control of Industry"
Private Police.zip - "Private Police"
Arms Development.zip - "Arms Development"
Space Exploration.zip - "Space Exploration"
Youth Tutelage.zip - "Youth Tutelage"
Sports Subsidies.zip - "Sports Subsidies"
Church Tax.zip - "Church Tax"
Tithes.zip - "Tithes"
SilverSurfers.zip - "Silver Surfers"
BankHolidays.zip - "Bank Holidays"
pandaman.zip - "Pandamans policies (includes videogame censorship, immigration tax, homosexual rights etc...)"

NewDilemmas.zip - "All Gear No idea, Big Sister and Job or no Job"


  • Canada.zip
  • France.zip
  • Germany.zip
  • Italy.zip
  • poland.zip
  • SituationsUpgrade.zip
  • UK.zip
  • UKnew.zip
  • USA.zip
  • Inflation.zip
  • China.zip
  • Countries ported direct from Democracy 1

  • Australia.zip
  • Russia.zip
  • Japan.zip
  • Spain.zip
  • Sweden.zip
  • Estonia.zip
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