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Are you a politics or economics Teacher? Are you looking for some software to help teach politics in class? You just found it! The original 'Democracy' game was used in a number of different schools and colleges to get students interested in the normally 'dry' subjects of politics and economics. Terms like GDP and Manifesto don't *have* to be boring, and Democracy showed how they could be integrated into a game that students found fun and challenging, whilst also teaching them about political principles and systems.
"If Gordon Brown wants to engender some sympathy in a fresh generation, he should have this game taught in schools. It's one of the most educational games in existance." - (Jim Rossignol - PC Gamer)

Democracy 2 is an even better tool for this purpose. The game is highly moddable, and all those hidden values in the original games that had been hard coded are now in handy text files, so you can alter all kinds of variables to meet your needs (it goes with out saying you can massively imbalance the game this way too!).

Democracy2 also introduces a new area of the game -> The 'Encyclopedia'. This is basically an additional, optional 'tab' of background reading, statistical data and other information that is shown on each detailed page for policies, simulation values, voter groups and situations. Some of the game already has encyclopedia data collected and entered, so even out-of-the-box, the game comes with a wealth of real-world data on topics such as relative tax rates, the history of pollution controls, and how trade unionism started. However, the text that's already in-game is just the beginning. Anyone can add more encyclopedia pages or can edit the existing ones, and just drop the extra text files into the right directory. Maybe you would like completely different text for some policies and statistics? perhaps including references to coursework or page numbers in text books? It's all trivially modded.

As with the first game, we can provide discounted copies of the game, and even site licenses on request, at reasonable cost. The exact amounts vary depending on requirements, so the best thing to do is to contact us at the following address:




Demo Buy it! Forums Support Educational Modding
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