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So how do you play Kudos?

Well the first thing to realise is that Kudos is a 'turn-based' game. That means you can take your time, have a coffee, fetch some biscuits. There's no hurry, no time-pressure at all. each 'turn' in the game is one day, although to make things proceed at a nice pace, its a 'virtual' day, so there are only 7 days (1 week) in each month. each day goes like this...

Firstly you go to work, where you earn some cash, and have your mood affected by how your day went. If you're lucky, you might get promoted. You need to commute to and from work, and this will also affect how happy, stressed and tired you are when you get home. You don't need to make any decisions while at work, that happens once you get home.

When you are home from work, you need to decide what to do. You might have a few phone calls (or emails) to deal with first, (maybe you have been invited somewhere) and there are basically 4 different things you can do each evening:

You can do something on your own, such as watch TV (pick a channel though...), read a book, maybe have a bath, go to the gym etc.

You can invite some friends out to socialise with, maybe take them to a restaurant, or out for a beer, or maybe you want to invite them round to watch the football, or even host a dinner party...

You can look for a job. That takes all evening, and not every job is available all the time, but the good news is, if you see a job you like, you can have an interview for it on the spot! (this might be a bad idea if you are tired, stressed or even drunk!).

You can go to evening classes and learn something. Some things are purely academic, like learning science or law. Some can be practical in other ways. Learning French helps you get a good table at a french restaurant for example. Learn to cook, and you can host a dinner party.

Once you have enrolled for some classes, have a group of friends, and maybe a job that causes you stress, tiredness or boredom, you will find that there are suddenly lots of different things you need to try and do all at once. The trick to Kudos is to manage your time as effectively as possible. Some times its a good evening to socialise (don't socialise in a bad mood), some times you have classes to go to, and sometimes your plans are all thrown into chaos when a good friend needs someone to talk to. This is why the games turn-based. Deciding what to do each evening is one of the big strategic choices in the game.

NOTE : I am from England. This is how we spell socialise :D