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Democracy 4 is open for pre-orders and alpha builds NOW! We intend to make the development of the game very open to influence by and feedback from the community who enjoy the game, so there will be three stages to our final development and release of the game:
Alpha Release. This is live NOW, where we have a 'soft-release (not much PR), where people who are hardcore fans of the game can buy the alpha build and get playing before the game is ready for the mass market using the widget below. This is a PC-only, English-language only version of the game, initially with just one playable country (the UK). Obviously all future updates to the game for early buyers will be free, but you will need to re-download the game after each update.
Steam Early-Access (Beta). We also plan to look into getting the game on other stores, but none of this is confirmed yet. At this point we will be actively promoting the game. During this period we will add more languages, more countries and put together an OSX and maybe a Linux build of the game.
Full Release. This marks the proper released version for people who do not like the hassle of Early Access. We should have all the countries, platforms and translations done at this point. From here on we continue to improve, tweak and balance the game in response to player feedback.
Hopefully this makes it clear as to how the sale of the game will proceed. Sometimes we get asked which method of buying the game gives the most money to the developer. Buying direct from our website (using the humble widget above) will give us 95% of the proceeds of the sale and is the preferred method. Once the game is available on major stores we will endeavour to make keys for those stores available to existing buyers, by using humbles system.