SAUCER ATTACK! Is a free game developed by Positech to promote its other titles such as StarLines INC. The game is a very simple space shooter where you fly a classic 1950s red rocketship against waves of flying saucers that looks like wobbly car hubcaps. The entire game (including installer) is under 1MB. Thats right ONE MEGABYTE! It requires Directx7 or later and a soundcard.
Saucer Attack is free for personal use, and freely distributed, but you are not licenced to resell the game or profit from it in any way. If you DO wish to bundle the game with software, sell it or use it for any other purpose, email us from the link below.

"Saucer Attack is a frenetic-paced space shooter where you fly a rocketship against waves of enemy flying saucers. It features small and easy to play, addictive, excellent graphics, animation & sound effects.If you have the hardware, you will find that Saucer Attack is a terrific game to play when you want to waste a few minutes (though don't be surprised if you end up spending longer playing than you intended!). Well worth the acquisition, you could find yourself playing Saucer Attack at all hours (just don't blame us if you get into trouble – you have been warned!). Get it!" - "Completely Free Software"


So you like Saucer Attack and you want to have a customised version to promote your product? You want to include the game on a compilation CD or have some other enqury? then EMAIL US with the button below. You might be surprised at how affordable our licence will be!