Questions About Buying...

So you are thinking about buying one of my games but have questions or concerns, hopefully these answer them for you. If not, feel free to email me.

Who makes these games?

cliff All 'our' games are designed and coded by just me. (Cliff Harris or 'cliffski'). I'm an ex-lionhead programmer who runs his own indie games company. I pay contractors to do art and music, but the rest is all me, including the website etc etc. If you buy the game from this site, I get 90% of the money so you have cut out the middlemen entirely. There is no evil RIAA like body that is fiddling the artist, I *am* the artist :D. There is more stuff about the company here. 'Positech Games' sounds really corporate, but that's just a rubbish name. Basically, this is one guy designing and developing games in a spare room, and just about making a living from it. Positech games has been established since 1997, and is a UK limited company registered at Companies House.

(At the time, the hat seemed cool. It was in a rainforest after all...)

Who am I buying them from?

I use two payment providers called BMT Micro and FastSpring to take the card payments. They handle payment queries, card verification and sending you the download link. Their websites are 100% secure and they have full contact information here and here. The payment providers are the people who will process the order form. At no time do I ever get to see your credit card details, which are securely transmitted directly to them. I will never sell your private information, or make it available to anyone under any circumstances.

When do I get the download link?

Usually instantly, by email, but depending on your ISP, it might take a short while. If you use a hotmail or other 'free' email address, then the order may be delayed an hour or more for manual fraud checks. If you have a choice, don't use one of those emails, because it's much quicker if it isn't checked manually. If that's the only email you have, don't worry, it will still work ok.

What if I don't get the link email?

The most likely cause is a spam filter, or a fraud check holdup, but if you want to know what's holding it up you can email me directly here. I'll reply the minute I get your email, but be aware I'm in the UK, so am awake only UK daylight hours! (and very rarely I'm on holiday). In case of extreme peril, you can always email the payment company or even call them typically people tend to get the link email seconds after they email me to ask where it is :D

What if I format my hard drive or it crashes?

You are free to burn the downloaded installer to a disk for backup and reinstall, but if you forget to do that, or don't want to, the download link should still be usable for a whole year. Beyond that, you need to email me and ask for it to be re-activated, and I'll do it as soon as I get your email (and verify the order). There should never be a reason, under any circumstances, that you can't play your purchased game.

I have 2 PC's at home, can I install the game on both of them?

Yes, no problem. I don't use any DRM systems that limit you to a number of installs like some companies do. I want you to have as much freedom to enjoy playing the game you bought as possible. My games are free of all DRM, disk-checks or other forms of copy-protection.

I have a PC and a Mac, do I have to buy two copies?

No, email me once you bought one of them (cliff at positech dot co dot uk), and I'll arrange a copy of the other. I support your right to play the game on any PC you have that we provide a version for (not all our games are on Mac though).

I'm not sure the game will be good or that it will run ok...

ALL our games have free demos you can download right now. I recommend you try the demo first, to check it runs ok on your PC, and that you like the game.

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