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Alternative starts

Postby EvolGrinZ » Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:15 pm

I would like to see options for different starts of new games. Cause right now it's kinda simple. You just build a small factory, research power production and specialized stations, build new factory and research parts manufacture/additional parts.

When starting a new game you get to choose between 2 options. To start as a car manufacturer or a car parts manufacturer.
As a car manufacturer, the game is how it is now. The basic stations and no manufacturer stations unlocked.

But as a car part manufacturer start you will have unlocked a few manufacture stations, maybe select 6 or something from a list.
You will not have any car manufacture stations unlocked, not even the basic ones and you make money by selling car parts and you will have to research into car manufacturing.

The market of car parts works on supply and demand. So overflowing the market will lower the sell price. And perhaps there will even be competitors on the market.

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