inbox for message instead of splash screens

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inbox for message instead of splash screens

Postby MaN1aC » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:26 am

Hey @ all,

A lot of peopled claimed that they are not please the game provides some information and will disturb the actual doing.
So ... How about an inbox to receive messages like:
- game saved
- cars unsaleable
- station not working because of several reasons for more than x minutes
- research project completed
- Resource Importer queue extends x items
- ...

Instead of being disturbed by splash screen or just missing an information it would be possible to finish the actual doing and look for the message as soon as the player wants to do.
The Inbox-icon should be place on the upper left or upper right (would prefer to the left) and the number of unread messages could be shown like the number of cars to sell at the Car Stock/Showroom icon.

What do you think?

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