[MOD] Republic of Ireland (v1.1) Hotfix!

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[MOD] Republic of Ireland (v1.1) Hotfix!

Postby dcosta » Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:34 pm

THE FOURM PAGE FOR THIS MOD HAS BEEN MOVED TO http://mods.freeforums.org/

Hello Guys,

I have made a mod for you to be able to play as Republic of Ireland. This mod is compatible with most mods available on the Steam Workshop, Democracy 3 website and the forum. I'll be improving this mod in the future currently it is in version 1.0. but I do have plans for it to be more realistic. I also have plans to add new policies, new policy effects (for existing ones) and new situations. You may leave any feedback, bugs or requests on the comment section or just on the steam workshop's comment section.

You are now able to play as Ireland! Let's not depend on the UK
Youtube Channel (Developer): http://adf.ly/qPVod


Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =290734347
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t9xujalwnxxdxz1/
Democracy 3 Website: (Coming Soon)
Ireland (v1.1).rar
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Other Mods (which I have created):

- Portugal (v1.5.1) http://adf.ly/qZUxA
- Scotland (v1.0) http://adf.ly/qZUyb
- Greece (v1.0) http://adf.ly/qZUVu


Update Log for v1.1

New Features:

- Tobacco Law
- Added Military Strength
- Added Farmer Protests


- Decrease Liberals to a normal amount
- Increase Religious to 84% to make it more accurate
- Decrease Ethnic Minorities to 4% to make it more accurate
- Corrections to dilemmas

Bug Fixes:

- Prostitution Law set to illegal from legal
- Fixed GM Crops (Effects)
- Fix TV License Description


- Prostitution Laws Fixed
- Added 9 New Dilemmas
- Added Nuclear Power Policy
- Added National Orchestra Policy
- Added Sex Education Policy
- Added Anti-Smoking Regulations Policy
- Added GM Crops Policy
- Added PEGI
- Added Euthanasia
- Added Homeless Assistance Program
- Added Refugee Camps
- Added International Refugee Camp Aid
- Added Television Licence
- Added Seat Belt Laws
- Added Medical Narcotics
- Added Prostitution Tax
- Added Prostitution Laws
- Added Tax Fraud Department
- Added State Psychologists
- Added Religious Institutions Tax
- Added State Religion
- Added State Security Program
- Added Green Industry Subsidies
- Added Gaming Industry Subsidies
- Added Tourism Subsidies
- Added High-Tech Products Tax
- Added LGBTQ Discrimination Act
- Added Gender Transition Act
- Added Same-Sex Marriage
- Added Fibre Optic Subsidies

Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIXDh4Mtu4c
Ireland (v1.0).rar
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