To preserve and move forward. A Communist Cold War AAR

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To preserve and move forward. A Communist Cold War AAR

Postby freeethinker » Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:28 am

In the winter; January of 1984 the transformations that would rock the Socialist World were just at the brink of dawning, still not on at the forefront at the minds of many a party official in the Eastern Block. Yet there were rumors starting to circle about of Yuri Andropov's maneuvers of "reform" floating in from Moscow. Intensified dissent was starting to rear an ugly glare that had not been seen in the previous decade.
For Gustáv Husák he but need to look outside his bedroom window and tell that even the central quarters of Prauge was not that it had been just a few short years earlier when normalization seemed to had firm sway over the state of affairs. The atmosphere didn't feel right to him, like a bottle overwhelmed pressure soon to burst and spray within all proximity. Perhaps something similar to the years prior to the conference of Munich. He had taken off his glasses and started for bed as the same basic questions that had been probing for a while emerged to him, no doubt the footage of the solidarity uprising from Poland had given him a troubled night or two

The festivals of winter that could still be seen faintly in the streets had not lifted his spirits as it had in the 70's maybe they were too predictable too him now, grayed and worn they had somehow lost the vigor and life they had once had. He had barley cracked a smile enfront of the most populor grandfather Nicholos hadn't even cracked a smile on his face this time.

Viera had noticed

Within the party congresses behind those close doors Gustav had seen almost as much internal bickering just these past several weeks as had been in the months prior to the spring in his fresher years. The reformers that he had once been himself were showing up again in the highest if most secret places, all to the alarm of the crazed Stalnists he had reign in and dealt with too many occasions to count. There and back again, all that had once happened it seem was returning.
He sighed, sitting on his bed, the rumblings that had he tried so hard to settle seemed to be returning, his whole lifetime he had committed himself to the shining path of world revolution and sovereignty of the union of Ceckoslovokia. In a land not too long before beset by feudalism and ethnic divide he had played a role, a special one in reconciling between the people, their past and now Moscow’s overlord ship. To make his land an example of tolerance and reason to the world,- had been his hope.
Was it all coming to an end?
Gustav shutting his eyes with his wife on his side remembered the great struggles of his life- he had been imprisoned by the ideas he loved once, he had tried to fix their imperfections long ago. He had seen even worse, he had fought in his prime against the most horrible monsters of the world and won.
Viera was trying to tell something but he could hardly hear her words but he thought they were of some sort of relevance, or maybe it was just an old sweetness she retained.
But at the end of the day with her, he had hope; perhaps it would be time to begin something new- again; near fifteen million souls in the middle of Europe rested on what he knew would be final and most remembered legacy.

"It is worth doing" he said out loud and Gustav collapsed into sleep

I would to credit the following modifications for making this possible, most of these features were not made by me except for some tweaking of mods for basic playability. Without the creators of the following modifications this would not have happened. Special thanks goes to Celebi for making the core modification and concept here and to Giljeck for making the simulation of a single party state more tangible. If any user wants credit in name for these modifications give me a private message.

Celebi -
Des Pack
First World Problems
Black Swan
Democracy in Decay
Happy Capitalists
More Policies

EDIT Thank you Cliffskie for making the game to begin with!

On another note I please ask that the story is not interpreted as an vocalization for any ideological dogma. This is just an exploration of the game it's self, the late cold war and the ideas of Perestroika on a general basic. Perhaps this is also an attempt to portray the late 80's from an alternate point of view that is neither reflective of cannon western press or insistent Stalinists. This time period certainly molded the world the present undoubtedly for all of the boundaries broken and globalization created by the end of the Eastern Block and the USSR.

March on Democracy 3 comrades!
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Re: To preserve and move forward. A Communist Cold War AAR

Postby freeethinker » Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:14 pm

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TIME News Article April 1990
Then and now- The journey of one socialist country into another era

The subliminal reforms of 1984 had created a sense of foreboding in the party to all but the most liberal members, no matter how apparent or un apparent they may have been; it was thought by some that this might as well be the opening of Pandora’s box. As it had stood in the beginning of that year long elderly secretary general of the party Gustav Husak had found no alternative to issue some revisions to post Prauge Spring “normalcy” in order to preserve the party and keep himself relevant. It seemed according to Stb that despite all of their oppression support for the party was at an extreme low of unmentionable levels almost as severe as it had been after the dark days of 1969. At the same time the national budget of Czechoslovakia was quickly becoming indebted in turn both to Moscow and to the west as corruption was cannibalizing the state from within. This was recognized by one of Husack’s old party comrades then Prime Minister Lumbior Strougoll “ While the rank and file kremlin tip towers had nightmarish fears of a repeat of Dubeck’s screw up, I think most of us believed that the villain was within our own house, that was why it was so ill maintained”. Indeed like all Soviet countries the iron grip control on all legal commerce had opened up huge cracks in the artificial masonry of the “heaven on earth” soon within the year widespread displays dissent were to take the country by storm sooner than anyone predicted…

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October 1984, At a secluded home somewhere in Bohemia
“Comrade, you must understand that we have done this year has been for the better of our people! Do you not realize all we have accomplished we cannot falter now because of these small showings of protest.” Listen to yourself Lumbior, these “small showings of protest” and now this West German publishing circling around without control is only just the first public outcry against the party in fifteen years!
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We are both old men, losing our face with the times… but we have not even begun to allow the people to speak and read their own choosing and already our world that we so long to build is unraveling.. unraveling! You know it was almost a year ago when I started pushing at party conferences any kind of change. It seems that encouraging the communes to fight their own alcoholism and our telling of the people to “go green” was just the catalyst of our own demise. It is only a matter of time before the Russian soldiers may take matters until their own hand.. and we will see what we have seen before.”

That the leaves were on the ground, all red before their eyes, couldn’t had been but the best allegory of themselves. What they were convinced were coming. In the meantime some of Lumbior’ nephews were playing the games they both would have played in what now seemed to be in ancient days. Were those children naïve of what was to come? Or were they apathetic just like the regular children all of those schools? Children that only said the party line because they had too… Only time would tell.
But Gustav times are different now, who says Moscow will do anything, we both we cannot live in the past even though we are of the past. Everyone over there is pining at the edge of something, because I think we indeed we are at a catalyst; a catalyst of a new era of the socialism we championed when we were in our time. But Moscow, I think Moscow will have to watch her own back.
Where does that leave us?
It means we will now have to go it alone, eventually, so they were talk of supporting all of their comrades everywhere and reinforcing their vision but I think now we will be on our own. Regardless of what we do those Ruskies won’t be with us forever.
“Go it alone” that resonated with Gustav, the two had hardly a known a time where there little country had drawn it’s own destiny.
Gustav, listen only you can really rejuvenate the party and the people and neither of us have much time left. There is a chance now that we leave a legacy that will be inherited by the new Czechoslovakia. We can either choose to create that new Czechoslovakia or let throw all we had done.
A sarcastic grin appeared on Gustav’s face “ is that why you think we should throw money at gadgets in our state enterprises?”
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“One of the reasons old friend.”
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Re: To preserve and move forward. A Communist Cold War AAR

Postby marko.sraka » Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:20 am

Hi! Where can I get this mod? It is great!
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Re: To preserve and move forward. A Communist Cold War AAR

Postby freeethinker » Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:39 am

This comes from a variety of mods. They are all found in the mods forum, I had to do a little tweaking to help them fit together. Keep in mind I didn't really invent these mods I just tried to make a story with them.

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