Bugged event

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Type III Robot
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Bugged event

Postby Rick Dreckitt » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:20 am

Hi Cliffski,

Just been trawling through the game files seeing for events I've never seen. I'm fairly sure that the following is bugged due to only having negative triggers. Celebrity Kidnapped has:
0 = "PoliceForce,0-(0.4*x)"
1 = "CCTVCameras,0-(0.22*x)"

Obviously, the trigger chance will never get above 0, so it'll never show in game. I also noted that some dilemmas (hostage situation, hunger strike, foreign president) are calling a 'default' trigger, and there are loads of events/dilemmas with a 'winning' trigger - couldn't work out how those were determined.

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