Stuff coming to Democracy 3 This year...

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Stuff coming to Democracy 3 This year...

Postby cliffski » Wed May 04, 2016 1:11 pm

Hi, Just an update from the Democracy 3 developers to fill you in on news about the game.
Firstly, although we released a new game (Democracy 3 Africa) that doesn't mean than the base D3 game is being neglected. In fact we have been working for months on a new expansion for the base game which we will officially announce in a month or so.

Secondly, we have been doing our best to fix some stability issues a few people have experienced, especially under windows 10. yesterday we patched the Clones & Drones DLC which we found to cause problems under very specific circumstances.

Thirdly, we know our list of supported languages could be bigger, and that the GUI for language selection is a total mess. We are planning on a Democracy 3 update that will re-engineer all of the translations and make it possible for us to support many more with ease. That should happen a fair bit later n the year (after the above-named expansion is complete).

Fourthly, some of the tweaks and improvements we made for Democracy 3 Africa should also be making it over to this game, such as some tweaks to the way income tax/flat tax work, and far greater stability in the face of corrupt or badly coded mods.

Just letting you know we are still working on stuff. Expect teasing screenshots soon :D

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