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Make it easier to buy direct

Postby gi joe » Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:59 pm

I haven't played D3 much since bought it, not because it's bad but because I moved on to other things. I wanted to support Positech, now looking to but the add-ons direct. I know my way the site but for someone not technical, you've not really made it easy. I wanted to buy all 3 add-ons at once, simple "add to basket" would be nice.

But I've had to go to each one, choose buy direct, then back, go to the next one, buy direct, I now have 2 expansions in basket, that's good, third one there is no Buy Direct button as before, assume it's this steam = buy direct one, click it, now only Clone and & Drones is in the basket. Where'd the other two go? I go back, start again with social engineering. Now that's in the basket with clones and drones but Extremism is gone. I go back, add that in. FINALLY all 3 are in the fing basket.

I have patients, I'm still purchasing but we live in a time with impatient people, so I'd look at addressing that to make it as easy as can be to purchase direct, especially with Christmas coming up.
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