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data csv porter

Postby hypercross » Tue Nov 19, 2013 2:07 am

wrote a little piece of java so that you can port data into a csv file

how to use: java -jar <txt data folder> property1[:filter] property2[:filter] property3[:filter]...

filters can be string literals, string literals joint with '|', or a number range like 0.9-2.3
take note that there are quote marks in the txt data files so you need to write like \"WEAPONS\" in your commands.

for example, for windows:

Code: Select all

java -jar csvize.jar data/modules guiname category:\"WEAPONS\" size restricted cost weight crew_required powerconsumed hitpoints min_range max_range optimum_range armour_penetration shield_penetration tracking_speed fire_interval damage > weapons.csv

save this to a .bat file, put it in the gsb game folder with the csvize.jar, and run. And you get a gratuitous weapons.csv data grid for the stats of all weapons.

download :

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