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by Mehmet
Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:39 pm
Forum: Rock Legend (General)
Topic: Anyone in a band?
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Re: Anyone in a band?

Yep, I'm the singer but I don't buy the band's equipment, fortunately :) Have been singing for about 16 years now and if I live to see the day, I'll be singing till I'm old enough to forget the first three albums to save space :) My band has two albums, too many bad studio memories, lots and lots of...
by Mehmet
Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:29 am
Forum: Kudos (General)
Topic: Kudos 2 Screenshot - reactions, anyone?
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Re: Kudos 2 Screenshot - reactions, anyone?

The artwork looks awesome - not childish and not (I'm terribly sorry but) as boring as Poser renders for a Renderosity and Daz addict who spends thousands of dollars annually for models. I hope the game will have some satisfactory "goal" drive this time though. Maybe some game modes? With ...
by Mehmet
Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:34 am
Forum: Kudos 1 Modding
Topic: will not let me "go to sleep"
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Re: will not let me "go to sleep"

Hello, First off, I know it is not my place to tell you this but I think this post should go to Kudos < Kudos (General) , not Kudos < Modding . I also can't directly help you with your problem since I'm not the developer of the game, I know close to nothing about MAC's and I doubt my modest coding s...
by Mehmet
Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:02 pm
Forum: Modding
Topic: Musicians with new instruments
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Re: Musicians with new instruments

I am almost sure it is because of a code (in the engine, not in the editable config files) about it is open ended; maybe cliffski entertained the idea of making some more instruments available during the design stage?

by Mehmet
Mon Aug 18, 2008 10:59 pm
Forum: Modding
Topic: Solo? Or Less members to qualify a band
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Re: Solo? Or Less members to qualify a band

Well, it would make the game extremely boring without some major modding - in the long run, the only thing you worry about and try to deal with is the emotional states of your band members and even though vanilla game does not deal with it very much, with a few tweaks you can see the effects of band...
by Mehmet
Mon Aug 18, 2008 10:54 pm
Forum: Modding
Topic: Melodies.txt file help!!
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Re: Melodies.txt file help!!

Nah, realmen/women bands only play their own tunes if they were around in the eighties :P Joking aside, I find the mini game a bit tiresome - along with the resentment factor; so in genre but so not realistic (if you're not Megadeth but, say, Dream Theater that is :D). Also, the mini-game would have...
by Mehmet
Mon Aug 18, 2008 10:43 pm
Forum: Modding
Topic: Two Female Avatars
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Two Female Avatars

Hey folks. Another fan of this amazing idea here (I think the game can use some work but I like what cliffski did here). Here's some avatars I admittedly did not put much effort into - but I promise to make some new ones as soon as my main PC's back from its long voyage (most of my DAZ stuff is in t...

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