Have you ever thought that the voters in Democracy 3 seemed a little bit *too* rational? a little bit too analytical about how government policy affected them? Blind to the public image of the candidates, unconcerned with the sound-bites and slogans of a real-world political campaign? Ever thought that your role as president or prime minister was suspiciously isolated from ther concerns of wealthy party donors and public perceptions (even wrong ones) of your governments motivations? Democracy 3: Electioneering brings emotional irrationality to your electorate!

Democracy 3 The Ultimate Political Strategy Game
Democracy 3 The Ultimate Political Strategy Game

Speeches & Manifestos

Democracy 3: Electioneering adds speeches and manifestos to the game, allowing you to completely ignore (or frankly screw-over) a slice of the electorate whilst simultaneously saying all the right things about them when you are on TV. Speeches can fill the gaps where policy has failed, or was maybe never even attempted! If speeches don't get the job done, the election is near and opinion polls are low, manifesto promises allow you to make a loud clear commitment to policy decisions for after the election. If you win...well you *should* stick to them, but maybe it's worth just taking the hit and quietly forgetting all about them?

Donors & Perceptions

If rational debate and oratory do not win over the electorate, a major campaign of adverts just might, but to make that work your party needs funds. If membership is low, you can make up the difference with wealthy party-donors, but beware, upset them and they will keep their money in their pockets. If fundraising isn't cutting it, you may find a healthy dose of media-spin will persuade the voters to support you. Shake hands with soldiers, help out at a food-bank, visit an orphanage...whatever it takes to make the electorate think you are a compassionate, trustworthy and strong leader.

Democracy 3 The Ultimate Political Strategy Game

Note that buying a copy of the DLC from us direct will ALSO get you a steam key for the expansion

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