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Oh noes! It's referendum day in the UK! What are we talking about? We are talking about the day where British voters get to decide whether to keep our current electoral system (First Past The Post) or switch to a different system (Alternative Vote). Unsure what the difference is? Maybe this video about cats will help:

Anyway, that's enough cats for now (surely not!). Here is the big deal. because it's a referendum, regardless of the outcome, Positech Games (that's us) are celebrating this rare example of direct democracy! And we are doing it by making democracy itself cheaper! You can buy Democracy 2 today (and only today...) with the following amazing discount:


by entering the following code in the DISCOUNT field on the order form:


That's all there is to it. Obviously you might be interested to try the game first, so grab the demo here. But do not delay! the code only lasts on referendum day (Thursday May 5th 2011). ACT NOW CITIZEN!

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Full version download is only 34MB.
drm-free game
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