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Adding New Events

Events are loaded in in a very similar way to dilemmas, and can also be added to just by adding a new file to the mydocuments/democracy2/mods/data/simulation/events folder (the originals are inside data/simulation/events in the games main folder). Here's a breakdown of a sample file:

Name = "Objectname" for the event
GUIName = Name that is actualy displayed to the player
Texture = Path to the image used for the window that shows this event. It is normally a jpg 256 x 256 pixels.
Description = Used in the window showing details on the event
OnView = List of things to do when the event window is first shown. normally just plays a sound
OnImplement = List of things to do when the event is triggered, works the same way as it does for dilemmas
[influences] - works same as dilemmas

Adding New Policies

These are a bit more complex. The default policies load from a 'csv' file, which is just text, with the data in columns separated by commas. New policies can be added to the csv, or more conveniently dropped as single text files in the mydocuments/mods/data/simulation/policies folder. Each file is just one long string of text separated by commas. Entries can be left blank, to indicate empty columns. The data is as follows (in order of columns...)

'#' = This first entry must be this. it signifies this line of text is valid as a policy
'objectname' - name used internally to reference this policy
'guiname' - used to display the name of the policy in the game
'slider' - either 'default' or the name of a slider in the 'sliders.csv' file which replaces the policies slider with one that has custom names associated with it. Alternatively a new slider can be added as a new text file in the mydocuments/democracy2/mods/data/sliders folder. Just use the same format as a line from the csv file.
'description' - shown in the top of the policy window and on the policy chooser screen.
'flags' - either empty or 'UNCANCELLABLE' or 'MULTIPLYINCOME' which means the income multiplier elements get multiplied, not added.
'actionpoints' - How much political power is needed to implement or change this policy.
'department' - Where on the screen the icon will go, and which minister is responsible.
'mincost' then 'maxcost' - actual cost varies between these two based on the policy slider.
'cost multiplier' - either blank, or this is the equation used to produce a multiplier by which the policy cost is adjusted.
'implementation' - How long it takes to implement this policy when first adopted.
'minincome' then 'maxincome' see cost stuff above.
'incomemultiplier' - Used the same way cost multiplier is (above).
'#' - Must be '#'.

Then the next columns (until the end) contain the effects that this policy has. Don't forget that in this case 'x' is the value of the policy slider.

Modding the Core Game mechanics...

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