Why Buy?

Democracy isn't one of those mindless space-blasting games or ultra-violent war games that some people in the media protest at! Democracy is the opposite - its an intelligent and sophisticated game that entertains people, but probably also teaches them a thing or two about politics as well. You may think that politics is all about sticking to your principles no matter what, but the simulation in this game is specifically designed to show you just how easily even the most honest politician will be forced to compromise in order to stay in power and keep the economy strong.

Democracy makes no attempt to talk down to its players. Do you know any other computer games that mix in quotes from Plato, Gandhi and Napoleon in their loading screens? When people play this game they come away with an understanding of the relative GDP's of different nations, the forces in play in a modern political system, and probably a few famous political quotations.. Wouldn't you rather your kids learned something from the games they play?

The more you know about politics, the more you'll get from this" - 71% July 2005 Issue 150

Democracy was not written as 'educational software', but its is built upon a sophisticated 'neural-network' which models an incredibly complex political-economic model. Why does the national debt matter? Democracy shows you how it 'crowds-out' private enterprise and damages the economy. Does a small budget deficit matter? Democracy shows how in the long run a growing national debt becomes a burden.

Democracy is the game your kids SHOULD be playing if they are studying politics or economics in High School. But it doesn't stop there. Students of politics of all ages can learn something from the game. Even the author found that that play testing the game explained a lot about the political compromises he sees in his home country (the UK).

In 2007, Democracy was reviewed by Schoolzone.co.uk and awarded a 'Highly Recommended' rating.

Reviewed by
Schoolzone - the leading independent educational review body

Are you a politician at ANY level? this isn't a game for you, this is a practice tool! You want to see how well you can manage the conflicting interests of different parts of the electorate? NO software currently available simulates the process as accurately and as easily as Democracy.

Does your job involve keeping lots of people happy? are you good at keeping lots of balls in the air at once? Well you can put your skills to the test, not by running your small business or office/school, but by running the WHOLE COUNTRY.

"The best stab at recreating the political machine on your PC Yet" - 70% July 2005 Issue 176

Why isn't this game in stores?

Well it IS going to be in stores in some countries in Europe very soon. But we aren't racing to get it into stores in general. Why? Two reasons. Firstly, the retail games industry is little short of a giant scam. The people who actually make the games get a laughably small percentage of the sale price, if they aren't ripped off entirely. It really doesn't make any financial sense for us to add 3 sets of middlemen (the retailer, publisher and distributor) between us and our customers. That's also part of the second reason. We prefer to sell direct to our customers. We can keep updating the game and give free patches to people we know bought it, you can contact us direct for tech support without going through a disinterested publisher tech support call center. It also means you are getting exactly the game we wanted to make. All the rubbish things about modern games, needing a CD in a drive, unskippable logo screens and tutorials, silly censorship of the most trivial things, all this nonsense is dreamt up by publishers. You won't find any of this nonsense in our games.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting the little guy!

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