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We freely grant the use of any screenshots on our website for reproduction on your own site for review purposes. You don't need our permission to write about the game, although obviously it's nice to know if we get some press!

Heres an article that has a mini-review of the game by Industry Veteran Kieron Gillen:


Last Outpost


CosmosGaming gave us 8/10 gives us 70%

Micro Mart gives us 8/10

GameFreaks365 gave us 86/100 (9/10 for gameplay :D)

VGCore Review gives us 92/100

Heres another review: Out of Eight Reviews

PC Fomat magazine UK rated us at 71%, PC Gamer UK gave us 70%

Rampant Games Review

Here are some of the news items about the game so far:

Worth Playing

Blues News

Gamers Hell


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