Modding the game

Democracy was designed to be 'moddable', which means that people who are players of the game can (if they wish) add new content to it, to improve and enlarge the scope of the game. You do not need any special software to mod the game, it can be done with a simple text editor like 'notepad' which is free with windows.

For information on modding in German visit for the German Democracy forums

What Can Be Modded?

Democracy allows players to add new policies, new dilemmas, new situations, new events and new 'sliders' for controlling policies. You can also add entire new coutnries, although this is more involved.

How do I make a mod?

Policies, sliders events situations and dilemmas are all text files. bitmaps are the graphics that accompany new policies. All the files are found in subdirectories under the 'mod' directory.

Here is a post in our forums explaining modding policies

How to Mod Events

and dilemmas...


What Mods are currently available?

Here are some of the mods available for download so far, they are 'zip' files that can be 'unzipped' using winzip or a similar program. You just unzip them into your 'Democracy' directory and then run the game!

Creationism Policy - Teach evolution or creationism to your citizens. (new policy + slider)

Extradition Dilemma - Will you send a terror suspect to face the death penalty abroad?

Travellers Rights - Can travellers be allowed to stay on local council land?

Royal Scandal - The British Royal family speak out of turn... (new dilemma - support or criticise?)

New - Auto-updating Mods!

The latest version of the full game (not the demo) has a new auto-update feature. Just a single mouse-click connects to our webserver and downloads any new policies, events, or dilemmas that have been developed since you last checked. We've already added Property Tax and Welfare Fraud policies, and there are more to come.


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