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Democracy 2

Have you ever thought you could do a better job of running the country? Democracy 2 puts you in the position of president or prime minister of one of a number of different fictional countries. The electorate is simulated in incredible detail by a special neural networks which simulates the effect of every decision, every policy, every law, every variable. This turn-based strategy game simulates the incredible interconnections between every government policy. Will raising income tax to cut the national debt be a good move? or will it lead to a brain drain that affects your countries competitiveness and kill off high tech industries? Should handguns be legalized? It's all up to you

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Ancient Empires Lux

Do you remember risk? Lux is the ultimate PC implementation of this classic strategy game, and Ancient Empires Lux is the newest and best presented in the Lux series of Games Covering a total of 58 different playable nations and many different levels of difficulty, Lux is one of those games you keep coming back to again and again. Beat the game on 'Emperor' level and unlock yet another level of difficulty. The game comes complete with background information on all the different ancient empires in the game.

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Masters Of Defense

Endless waves of evil monsters are heading towards your town to kill your villagers. The only defense against them is the strategic positioning of towers to weaken and kill them before they can reach the village. Although the game principle is simple, as the difficulty escalates this excellent arcade strategy game gets harder and harder. A 'shop' segment between levels lets you allocate points to various upgrades, always trying to find the perfect balance between numbers of towers and firepower to overcome the stronger monsters. Excellent gameplay and great graphics, even on low spec PCs.

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Kudos 2

What do you want to do with your life in the next ten years? Kudos 2 treats your everyday life decisions as a turn based strategy game. What are the implications of changing career from catering to acting? Should you get a cat? Is cat food more important than paying for tonight's evening classes? Should you socialize with your best friend when you have had a bad day? Would you be better off seeing the depressing war film with great reviews, or the intellectually vapid comedy? When you start thinking about it, we are playing a strategy game every day called real life, we just don't realize it. Until you try playing Kudos 2, of course.

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Galcon is like space-based risk in real-time on steroids. The game may take just 30 seconds to learn, but ages to master and can get pretty frantic pretty fast, yet it's still all about strategy. It's both single and multiplayer and the basic strategy will be familiar to anyone who has played risk (or Lux). Attack rival planets with swarms of thousands of ships. Play against up to 12 opponents or 15 different single player missions. Galcon is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and there is even an iphone port on the way.

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These are just a list of some of the great PC strategy games and indie simulation games for the PC you can find free demos for. There are tons of sites linking to other genres, but here at positech we like strategy games in particular so we put together this list to let you know about other great pc strategy game demos that you might have missed. Don't forget to support the developers by buying the games you like, and also please spread the word to other pc strategy game players about any indie games you enjoy. Cheers!
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