New projects coming…

June 17, 2015 | Filed under: business

So I’ve signed on the dotted line for a new publishing thing, and am close to signing another one. That means that positech will this year have shipped Gratuitous Space Battles 2, and Big Pharma (as publisher) and will possibly ship another 2 smaller titles before the end of the year. Awesome.

I *may* get around to starting work on some new IP myself too. I might just fiddle around improving and tweaking GSB2 for the next six months. I’ll certainly be doing that for at least two more months anyway.

And I also have a little side-thing that I’m excited about, but nothing has happened yet, so I don’t want to announce it before I’m sure it actually will…

Also, hilariously this is supposed to be my ‘calm’ year where I chill out a bit and work out how to relax. So far I’m not doing that well, but then I had a tooth extracted this morning and am in agony, so maybe that’s not the best time to assess my relaxing skillz. From tomorrow onwards I’ll be gently easing back into the work I’m doing on adding linear campaigns to GSB2, then I plan on doing some extra feature support to the ship customization.

2 Responses to “New projects coming…”

  1. Sam Swain says:

    Exciting times. :)

  2. Robby says:

    Still carrying my unrealizable wish to play a sequel to Rock Legend, i know that it’s impossible but just to say. I loved that game. Thanks for the news Cliff :)