Democracy 3 patched to 1.09

November 06, 2013 | Filed under: democracy3

So here we go, it’s PATCH DAY. Everybody put on your patch day trousers and mix up those patch day cocktails. oh yeah woohoo!


I updated Democracy 3 on PC today. mac & Linux builds to follow soon. We took a tactical decision to skip 1.08 for mac & linux so as not to work my poor linux dude into an early grave, but they are getting version 1.09 as soon as we can get it done. here are the changes…

Version 1.09
Bug Fixes-
    Fixed bug where escape key allowed you to quit from policy screen without confirming changes.
    New system to detect if the game can’t run fullscreen the first time, and force a windowed run on second attempt.
    german characters now render correctly.
New Content:        
    Support for steam workshop.
    Better mod browsing interface and link to modding website.
    Ability to delete and thus uninstall a mod from the GUI.

Now I know what you are thinking. Possibly ‘meh’.  But have faith. That steam workshop support suddenly became my priority, so i fixed that so it’s in the game and working and all wonderful. It isn’t actually enabled for everyone yet, I need to do some tests first, and I’ll be adding some ‘test’ users to the group that has workshop access tonight, and I’ll put together a sample new country ‘posistan!’ and upload that, then open the floodgates.

To be honest, I underestimated how popular steam workshop would be. It solves many problems. You don’t NEED it at all, you can still sue my super steam-free modding support, it’s just that steam workshop simplifies and centralizes it all a bit.

What I’m saying here, if you can’t tell… is that I know I could be doing more balance-adjusting and stuff like that, and I *do* plan on doing some stuff like that, but I wanted steam workshop support in place first so modders can do their thing. I’ll return to balance stuff soon. And also German language versions in about 2 weeks. Oh yeah.

Expect another blog post soonish about exactly how I’ve integrated steam workshop support into the game…

5 Responses to “Democracy 3 patched to 1.09”

  1. Alon Karmi says:

    Who can join the Workshop group? I want to post my Israel mod.

  2. cliffski says:

    Anyone, by invite for now, just email me your steam name to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk and I’ll invite you to the group.

  3. BarryB says:

    I’ve got the PC version (non-Steam), and it’s always updated–until now. Still shows 1.08 when repeatedly loaded.

    • BarryB says:

      Make that: always auto-updated. Or was this only rolled out to Steam, and not to non-Steam players, yet? I have Steam, but find it drops out occasionally, takes a long time to load, and uses a ton of resources. I prefer games that are light on the resource load, and heavy on thinking–like yours. So I’d prefer to stay non-Steam on Democracy 3, but I do want 1.09.

  4. baron says:

    When exactly does the mac update coming? I’m dying to try the mods!