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Ever wanted to build up your own property empire? Thought that buying old houses, fixing themup and selling at a proft was an easy route to success? This new simulation game lets you see just how well you would do in the cut-throat world of property development.

Work yourself up through the market by buying houses in the low end of the market, renovating and then selling them. Shop for bargains, build a balanced portfolio or concentrate on a specific market segment, it's all up to you as you build your real estate empire!

Choose your character's appearance, pick the profession that you think will best help you to prosper in the real estate market and away you go! Manage your portfolio, invest wisely in new houses, spend prudently on repairs and the upgrades that you think will most improve your houses, price them well for the current economic conditions and you can build your very own real-estate empire!

Time to start building up your property empire! Get the Free Demo NOW!

Real Estate Empire is developed by a third party developer, not Positech Games.

Free Demo Buy Game
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